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The Association of Nigerian Women Academic Doctors, Inc. (ANWAD) invites you to submit articles for publication in our international peer review journal. This section is intended to be a resource for academicians, professors, lecturers, professionals, and students who are enhancing their careers in education, science, technology and other disciplines. ANWAD appreciates your interest in submitting an article to help educate and empower education in developing countries.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Article(s) must be submitted as a Word document and double-spaced.
  2. Your article should not exceed 4,500 words; if you feel a topic deserves more pages, consider organizing your article into 2 or more separate articles or parts.
  3. Tables, figures, images, and graphs are encouraged; graphics should be in .jpg, .gif or .png formats. The images should be displayed in line with text, graphics and must not be more than 400 pixels wide.
  4. ANWAD reserves the right to resize or crop to fit.
  5. An additional brief biography of the author(s) should be included at the end of your article.
  6. Articles must be spellchecked and proofread for grammatical errors before submitting;.
  7. ANWAD will reject content that doesn’t meet this requirement. Nevertheless, ANWAD reserves the right to edit your article as necessary to comply with these submission guidelines.

Submitting an article does not guarantee inclusion in ANWAD peer review journal. ANWAD reserves the right to reject an article submission for any reason. Articles for consideration should be sent to:

A submitted and accepted article does not entitle the author(s), their affiliates or any other person of any financial compensation. The author(s) name and affiliations will be notably displayed; however, there will be no compensation from ANWAD or the users for articles submitted.

The submission of articles to and/or publication by ANWAD shall not be construed as creating a partnership, joint venture, agency, or employment relationship between the author (s) and ANWAD.

Rights, Warranties, and Exclusivity

By submitting article(s) and subject to the submission guidelines above:

  • You warrant that you are the principal copyright owner of the article and images/graphics contained therein and are authorizing use of the material by ANWAD, and that the material submitted does not infringe copyright, proprietary or intellectual property rights of any other person. ANWAD does not assume responsibility for verifying ownership for material submitted.
  • You grant ANWAD the right to publish your article(s) anywhere on our Web site, blogs, and print publications. ANWAD may also change where it appears, including the category, at any time and without notice.
  • You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless ANWAD, its employees, members, officers, directors, shareholders, affiliates, agents, representatives, and successors from any loss, damage, or expense (including legal fees) that such party may suffer due to a breach by you (alleged or otherwise) of any of these warranties.

Online Paper Submission

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