Regular Membership

Criteria and Specifications for Regular Membership

  • Proof of All conferment of doctorate degree from confirmed university

Regular Membership Benefits:

  • Network Opportunities with other professors and academic doctors worldwide
  • Participate in the ANWAD International Peer Reviewed Journal.
  • Participate in International Seminars, Conferences, Symposia, and Workshops
  • Opportunities to advocate and strengthen your voice on women’s educational issues through ANWAD network.
  • Enhance your leadership skills and opportunities at the local, regional, and national level.
  • Quarterly e-newsletter Connections, including commentary and in-depth articles
  • ANWAD addresses unique challenges for women such as research issues, educational issues, and work/life balance issues.
  • ANWAD advocates and supports diverse public educational initiatives, with special focus on under-addressed issues in women’s education and research.
  • ANWAD full voting franchise
  • As an ANWAD member, you will have the opportunity to gain leadership skills and recognition for your professional and personal development.

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