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ANWAD Education Program (AEP)
ANWAD education program donates books to children, students and readers of all ages who otherwise have little access to such materials. In most developing countries, students cannot afford their own books, and most libraries cannot provide access to course material for every student. The non-availability and insufficient educational resources at the primary, secondary, and college levels can result to ineffective instruction and reduced academic achievement among students.

ANWAD Education Program seeks to contribute to the efforts within developing countries to build educational infrastructures by donating books and educational materials for schools. Education is the bridge to success which every child deserves. An enlightened and educated society strengthens civil society and effect real change in communities. ANWAD books donation ranges from pre-reader picture books, primary, secondary, college, post-graduate books to journals for research and development skills.

ANWAD Books Donation Scheme (ABDS)

Theme: Equipping Instructional Materials in Nigerian Rural Schools
Target Areas: The four regions (East, West, North, and South) of the Nigerian rural schools
Target Beneficiaries: Colleges, Secondary, and Primary Schools

Project 1 Completed on August 28, 2013
Target Area: Needy Secondary School in the rural area of Imo State
Beneficiary School: Owerri Girls Secondary School, Owerri Imo State, Nigeria

Project 2 Completed on September 8, 2013
Target Area: Disabled Primary School in the rural area of the federal capital territory (FCT), Abuja
Beneficiary School: Abuja School of the Handicapped, Kuje – Abuja Nigeria

Project Situation: 
Most rural schools in Nigeria are ill-equipped with teaching aids and instructional resources needed for student achievement. The problem of inadequate educational materials has resulted to illiteracy, untapped potentials, suppressed talents, increased school dropouts and reduced educational achievements among our students. The government alone cannot cater to the needs of all the nations’ students.  The efforts of NGOs like ANWAD will go a long way to bridging the literacy gap that is widening in developing countries.

Project Challenges: 
– Limited Financial Resources
– Limited Instructional Materials

Our Actions: 
We collaborated with Brother Brother Foundation (BBF) to secure several pallets of contemporary textbooks for secondary and primary schools. These books will be donated to needy schools in the selected target rural areas. The books will provide great resource to equip the teachers to enhance their teaching skills, lesson plans, and strategy. The students will have access to the textbooks and library books for in class and out of class reading, in order to enhance their reading proficiency, talent building, and academic enrichment. ANWAD plans to support other needy rural schools by working in collaboration with educational donors across the globe to provide educational materials such as textbooks, backpacks, notebooks, pens, and other school supplies.  ANWAD will seek financial support to help provide scholarships to cover tuition for the less privileged girls in these rural schools.

Project Results: 
Students will have access to contemporary textbooks, read in-classroom and out-of-classroom. This opportunity will enhance their reading proficiency, encourage talent building and facilitate academic enrichment. The expected results of the project include increased literacy, reduced dropouts rates, access to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)  textbooks, improved talent building, and increased student achievement.


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