Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

  • To enhance academic performance and research skills among citizens and minorities.
  • To empower youth, adults, and minorities for creative learning atmosphere of people of all ages
  • To promote and encourage educational scholarships among Nigerian women worldwide.
  • To bring knowledge to the uneducated women sector in Nigeria, access the educational needy areas, and reach out to the less privileged.
  • To bridge the gap between the number of educated men and women in Nigeria and abroad by promoting learning, quality education, and motivating doctoral level career among Nigerian women.
  • To unite academic doctors and Organizations worldwide by building intellectual links and network with scholars, activists and policy makers.
  • To participate actively in global debate and Diaspora activities on issues that relates to Nigerian women.
  • To intellectually empower women through professional developments, seminars, workshops, conferences, and other enlightenment programs. To elevate well educated women, future mothers of our children, and global leaders to tomorrow.
  • To represent the professional, social, and political interests body governing Nigerian Women academic doctors in Nigeria and worldwide.

Our Vision:

To improve the educational awareness of the entire society, especially as it concerns women and children, and reinventing leadership in developing countries.

Today's Date :
2018 April 23rd, 1:51 pm