Message from the President

Welcome to the Association of Nigeria Women Academic Doctors Inc., website. As the name implies, the Association brings together Nigeria women with Doctorate Degrees that are ready to bring their intellect for the advancement of policy research needed to support socioeconomic development of our country Nigeria. The Association, therefore, produces biannual peer reviewed Journal as well as organizes annual conferences focusing on topical issues for knowledge enhancement. It is important to know that members are all over the world with majority in the USA. We have our meetings via phone conferencing and quarterly embark on important deliberations. The social media helps the member interactions as we have group WhatsApp and emails for various purposes. The benefits of this association are numerous including intellectual exchange, social network, and giving a hand of fellowship to the development of Nigeria.

Best Regards
Dr. Adaeze P. Momah
President (ANWAD, Inc.)

Today's Date :
2018 April 23rd, 2:06 pm