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About ANWAD: Message from the Founder

image Welcome to the website of the Association of Nigerian Women Academic Doctors (ANWAD, Inc.). ANWAD represents the professional, social, and political interests of the Nigerian women doctoral degree holders. These doctorate holders include: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), Doctor of Management (DM), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctor of Education (Ed.D), Honorary Doctorate holders, ABD Doctorate Students, and other terminal Doctoral Degree programs. ANWAD Inc. provides a platform for education, research and development, political and social dialogue, on issues of educational enhancement in Nigeria and other developing countries while collaborating with foreign nationals in Africa, United States, Canada, and Europe.

ANWAD Vision: To improve the educational awareness of the entire society, especially as it concerns women and children, while encouraging the progress and relevance of female academic doctors, and reinventing leadership in developing countries.Bottom of Form

ANWAD mission is on educational advancement and research. ANWAD vision and mission will be achieved from utilizing the (3-Cs) strategies (Convener, Catalyst, and Collaborator) to explore resources. As a Convener, ANWAD will bring people together to address contemporary issues, problems, or opportunities. As a Catalyst, ANWAD will actively transform and nurture the educational initiatives into revolutionary advancement. We seek to transform Nigerian women leaders as catalyst-leaders to shift the consciousness of the Nigeria educational advancement as a global effort. As a Collaborator, ANWAD has experienced and skilled academicians that form effective teams to solve problems and advance our nation’s goals. ANWAD teams have access to greater ideas, varied knowledge, and indispensable resources to uplift women minorities. In the context of collaborative leadership, we will work together to invite public officials, business professionals, and global leaders to participate in Nigerian educational advancement.

ANWAD will partner with the Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria to focus on four specific areas that include education, training, scholarships, and research. Similarly, partners with U.S agencies and foreign nationals to facilitate educational opportunities for Nigerian Women minorities and developing countries in general. The ANWAD premier global conference opens an unparalleled opportunity for hundreds of Nigerians and African women around the world to explore the contemporary leadership theory and observe current ‘best practice’ examples. The April 25-26, 2014 first “ANWAD Premier Global Conference” will take place in Washington Metropolis area in United States. Through participation in a 2-days program, leaders from all sectors and industries will discover the state-of-the-art leadership thinking, delivered first-hand by the experienced professors from around the world, most inspirational leaders, trainers, and academics. Attendees will earn a certificate of completion in effective leadership and strategic planning.

I strongly believe that ANWAD represents a remarkable opportunity to improve education and research in Nigeria. With your support, ANWAD can accomplish its mission (educational advancement and research). I thank you for visiting our website and hope you enjoy the information presented here. Please let’s hear from you about your interest in any of our activities or projects.

Warm Regards
Hon. Dr. (Mrs.) Henrietta Okoro
Founder/President Emeritus
(ANWAD, Inc.)

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