Lifetime Membership Program

ANWAD Lifetime Membership Program

The Lifetime Membership Program is designed to help the organization raise funds. It is also designed to help members save money by paying fees to cover the life of the member. The program is opened for specific period of time and does have an end date. When the organization is in need of funds to cover expenses, the season must be declared opened by the majority of the house via vote. The minimum amount is the annual yearly due multiply by 10years. When declared open, each member must be given a specified period of time to pay the total amount. If the total amount is not paid by the end date, any fees previously paid will be pro-rated for annual fees. Lifetime membership fee is non-refundable and currently is non-tax-deductible. Being a lifetime member does not grant you any additional voting right than other members. Lifetime membership is not transferable.

Benefits of ANWAD Lifetime Membership

  1. All newly-joined life-time members are acknowledged on the ANWAD website
  2. All lifetime members are listed on conference programs
  3. Receives discount on journals (15%)
  4. Annual dues waived for life of the association

Pay for ANWAD Lifetime Membership Here
Options of payment: Installment or Full payment options are available. Click the paypal button below. All credit cards are acceptable:

LTM Payment

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