Is the Association a non-profit organization?

Association of Nigerian Women Academic Doctors, Inc., is a non-profit, non-political Organization. This Organization is organized exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

Are dues paid to be a member?

Membership in Association of Nigerian Women Academic Doctors, Inc. requires a onetime registration fee of $300 and annual fee of $100. However, those enrolled in the lifetime membership program does are exempted from annual fee once the lifetime membership fee is paid. Lifetime membership fee is the annual yearly dues multiply by 10. Failure of any member to pay dues and/or registration fee will result in in-eligibility to vote or hold elective office.

Is membership limited to Nigeria Indigenes?

is limited to Nigeria indigenes. Any doctoral degree holders from Nigerian indigene or by marriage are eligible to apply.

Is membership limited to doctoral degree holders?

Membership is open to all doctoral degree holders. All ABD doctoral students who have proven their enrollment are also eligible to be a member.

How can I join the association?

Complete the membership application form, include registration fee, and mail form to address indicated in the form.

Can all members vote?

Only regular members current with their dues are eligible to vote.

What offices are open for general election and how often?

Association of Nigerian Women Academic Doctors, Inc. consists of the following elected officers and all post or offices open for general election. Please note that all posts or offices shall be honorary. That is, no payment of salaries or remuneration will be required. Term of office shall be two years. Offices: National President, National Vice President, General Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relation Officer, Welfare Director (see bylaw for full listing).

How often does the association hold meetings?

General meetings are held on a quarterly base. Executive meetings are held as needed. Meetings are currently held via teleconference.

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