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ANWAD vision is “A well informed Nigeria in an advanced educational World.”

Our Vision and Mission will be achieved from our three ”Cs” strategy (Convener, Catalyst, and Collaborator) through the following on-going activities and future undertakings:

Educational Mission: offers us the opportunity to provide free learning materials and research and development tools to various educational settings in the rural parts of Nigeria. ANWAD as a non- governmental organization (NGO) targets to: bring knowledge to the uneducated women sector in Nigeria, access the educational needy areas and reach out to the less privileged, bridge the gap between the number of educated men and women, intellectually empower women through seminars, workshops, and conferences, educate women through other enlightenment programs like enlightenment campaigns, and elevate well educated women and mothers for the future of our children and the country. ANWAD will explore educational issues of the vast majority of Nigerians and share experience and participate in collaborative opportunities with our local counterparts. We plan to educate Nigerian institutions, businesses, and other organizations on the educational enrichment, research and development system of the U.S. Canada, and Europe.

Educational Scholarships: ANWAD plans to integrate scholarships programs into our mission to help scholars home and abroad that fall shortage of continuing education due to financial hardship. The scholarship will also embrace honor students that achieved academic excellence to recognize hard work and as a motivational strategy for other scholars. The scholarships award will follow a streamlined strategy that includes and not limited to academic excellence and various screenings.

Global Diaspora Initiative: ANWAD will collaborate with the joint effort of the US State Department, USAID, the Migration Policy Institute, and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency to institutionalize the three way strategy to improve global Diaspora developments with concentration in educational sectors. The three ways strategy represents the three “Cs”- (Convener, Catalyst, and Collaborator). ANWAD as a convener, we will bring people together to search for ways to cooperate and pursue common interests. ANWAD as a catalyst, we will help initiate new projects, provide training, and technical assistance to people and organizations who are in need of it. ANWAD as a collaborator, will partner with Diaspora leaders and other organizations to implement projects to maximize efficiency and elevate the less privileged standard of living in Nigeria and the society in general.

Annual ANWAD Conventions: The annual ANWAD conventions allow us to address current educational issues in Africa, such as frequent strikes actions, instructional materials, teachers professional development, quality mentoring, scholarship programs, job opportunities, tuition financing in Africa, school infrastructural developments, and other educational issues.

Policy Advocacy: ANWAD plans to meet with Nigerian and African leaders and officials in charge of education, comprising of: the President of Nigeria, Minister of education, Minister for information and technology, and other senior government officials to offer policy recommendation. These recommendations will focus on government issues relating to educational enrichment, advancement, research and development, training, and tuition financing.

International Conferences: ANWAD plans to participate in International forums, conferences, and meetings such as: US Secretary’s Global Diaspora Forum, National Summit on Africa and Grant Maker Conference, to educate participants such as US policymakers, US businesses, and other organizations on the educational system and needs of Nigerians.

Electricity and Power Supply: To address the issue of power supply in Nigeria. Constant power supply is the hallmark of a developed economy. Any nation that lacks energy supply faces risks of losing potential investors and prolonging of their development. ANWAD will liaise with Nigerian government on the existing power sector reforms to improve the nation’s power industry.

ANWAD Journal: ANWAD plans to publish academic quarterly journal to serve as a forum for scrutiny of new research, critique of existing research, articles review, and book reviews. The journal will be a peer-reviewed periodical in which scholarship relating to a particular academic discipline is published. The drive will be to encourage scholars, lecturers, and professors to research, publish, and transform research results into products.

ANWAD e-group: plans to engage in lively on-going discussions on current educational issues that are of interest to our community.

ANWAD Directory: ANWAD plan to publish a directory to maintain a database of Nigerian academic doctors in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Africa with their academic discipline to facilitate strong networking and collaboration.

Internet Communication: ANWAD plans to provide internet connection to a number of major Nigerian Universities to enable effective collaboration with African institutions and U.S. institutions.

Networking: ANWAD Annual Conventions and local chapter activities will provide forums to share our experiences and pool our expertise for a well informed Nigeria in an advanced educational world.

Collaboration: ANWAD plans to collaborate with well meaning groups and organizations providing educational resources in Nigeria, United States, Canada, and Europe toward providing education and information to all citizens to enhance local educational challenges and job opportunities.

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