Awards Specifications

  • ANWAD Academic Achievement Awards (AAAA)
  • Women in Education Awards (WIEA)

Woman In Education Award (WIEA)

The Woman in Education Award is given to a woman academician who has made exceptional contributions to education, especially in science, technology, and communication through her scholarly research, publications, and leadership in her field.

WIEA Criteria:
1. Research and Project quality comprising: Originality, Current Involvement, and Source of Grants
2. Publications – peer reviewed in academic and leadership journals
3. High National Leadership Profile such as community involvement and Chair of important committees
4. Advocacy of Women’s Education and Other related issues
5. Involvement in ANWAD (only if the candidate is an ANWAD member – not a prerequisite)

To Submit a WIEA Nominee
Click here for instructions. A statement of interest along with the candidates Curriculum Vitae and the Awards Application are required to complete your nomination.

*Note: Awardees must be present at the Awards Presentation Ceremony at ANWAD’s Annual Seminar in order to be eligible to receive an award.

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